PRP Offers Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Lake Mills?

PRP Offers Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Lake Mills

Chronic Pain Lake Mills WI PRP for Carpal Tunnel

If you experience chronic or acute wrist or hand pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome in Lake Mills, you can find relief from non-surgical regenerative medicine, an alternative solution for the repair and regeneration of damaged joint tissues. At Integrative Medical Solutions of Lake Mills we are seeing a growing number of people turning to regenerative medicine to treat musculoskeletal conditions - such as CTS.

What is CST in Lake Mills?

CTS is a very well-known and frequent form of nerve entrapment. CTS is a neuropathy caused by the entrapment of the median nerve at the wrist in a tunnel. High pressure on the median nerve produces a gradual decrease in blood supply to the nerve in addition to inflammation of the intra-carpal tendon which produces intra-carpal swelling causing increased compression of the median nerve.

Our platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a nonsurgical pain relief approach in CTS as a regenerative method. PRP therapies work to increase the self-healing ability of our bodies, by revealing the injured tissue to a high concentration of our body's own tissue as the healing mechanism. These cells have a regenerative ability to heal and restore for effective pain relief. Platelets are regularly a part of your body's healing mechanism, so a high dose of them will help your body heal itself faster.

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