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The VitaminMed weight loss program and kit are recommended for ANYONE WHO HAS MORE THAN 10 - 15 vanity lbs. to lose.

We have created a complete and all-encompassing weight loss kit in Lake Mills that is geared mostly for women of the ages of 30 to 70 years old, to address the problems and issues that arise when a woman's body starts to change as we age and approach the peri and post-menopausal time in their life since these are the majority of our clients. Our ingredients are THE highest quality supplementation that we could procure. This is because we know that a lot of supplements out there are coming from unreliable or sometimes even dangerous sources. WE want our patients to have the very best.

The kit has been specifically designed to address all the major root causes and problems that a person is having that is causing them to gain weight and or store fat. It resets the bodies metabolic functions and gets the body back in optimum working order.

So many of our clients come in and no one has taken the time to help them understand how the body works or give them any real tools to rectify it. And it's typically not their fault. They haven't been educated on how the body's METABOLISM works and are also being misled or even fooled into thinking that because a product looks or says its healthy on the packaging, it must be good for them... it DOES NOT mean it is.

People also think if they starve themselves they will lose weight. This actually couldn't be further from the truth. When we don't eat an adequate amount of calories our bodies go into starvation mode and will NOT release any fat from our body. Typically, when I ask my clients how often they eat they tell me once or twice at the end of the day. This is not workable as your body assumes that there is a famine… and will not let go of any of the fat. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO EAT enough, to please the metabolic system but not overeat. Our bodies and how they function have not changed since we were created ONLY OUR ENVIRONMENT HAS!!!

Our bodies do not understand we are too busy or we are saving calories so we can splurge on our fav bad food later. You're teaching your body how to be a fat storer, not a fat burner.

Appetite curb - Weight loss options in Lake Mills

L- hydroxytryptophan

  • Increases serotonin, melatonin levels, and endorphins, all feel-good hormones. This is what turns off the cravings for carbs and sugar.
  • Helps with insomnia-- better sleep.
  • Helps with depression
  • Helps your body to turn protein into muscle.
  • Heals leaky gut and repairs gi system
  • Increases nutrient absorption.Curbs appetite without dangerous side effects. Its simple 4 Amino acids and chromium.
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels and keep insulin levels low.

L- glutamine

  • The essential and most important amino acid in the blood.
  • Helps with intestinal healing and digestion.
  • Helps protect the body from the effects of alcohol and curbs the desire to drink.
  • Heals leaky gut and repairs gi system
  • Increases nutrient absorption.
  • Assists in muscle growth and repair.

L tyrosine

  • Precursor to epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine and catecholamines and dopa.
  • Precursor to thyroid hormones
  • Can be used in place of antidepressants.
  • Helps stabilize blood pressure
  • Often called the STRESS amino acid
  • Improve memory, concentration, and alertness.

L- phenylalanine

  • Helps to control appetite by stimulating CCK (cholecystokinin enzyme
  • Also stimulates epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.


  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels and controls insulin uptake.
  • If a client has low muscle mass and high fat, we DO NOT want them losing muscle. This is where most of your metabolism occurs. The higher the muscle mass the faster the metabolism. Also increasing the feel-good hormones makes the client a happier person and less likely to stress eat. This will also curb the craving for sugar and carbs as well as alcohol.

B 12 sublingual spray

  • Most clients (90%) complain about fatigue and lack of energy.
  • This methylcobalamin B12 is the purest form of B12 and is readily absorbed by the body. It is also able to be taken as needed.

Advanced plus *TM detox spray

  • This homeopathic spray contains 18 commonly known botanicals ie. flowers, barks, roots, etc. such as milk thistle, blessed thistle, artichoke, wild yam, Oregon grape, etc.
  • This kicks the toxins from the body including the liver, kidney, and all other organs.
  • This helps our bodywork at its optimum level.
  • Cuts down on INFLAMMATION and may prevent autoimmune diseases.

Super Aloe

  • Heals the GI tract.. It does the same thing on the inside of the body as it does to the skin; hydrates soothes and heals.
  • Contains phytosterols, lipase, and amylase that break down subcutaneous and also visceral fat..
  • Will help aid in digestion.
  • Will help keep your bowel movements regular



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